Hall of New York

Southern Tier

Cowles Hall in 1855

Cowles Hall in 1855

Cowles Hall in 1855

Unknown Artist

Oil on Canvas, 1855

In 1852, Elmira College began as The Auburn Female University in Cayuga County. A year later it moved to its present location in Elmira where Cowles Hall, the College’s oldest building, was constructed in 1855. The college became coeducational in 1969.

Cowles Hall in 1855 Artist Info:

No information about the artist exists.

On loan from Elmira College Collections
Lucifer's Falls

Lucifer’s Falls

Lucifer’s Falls

Henry Walton

Oil on Canvas, 1820

The 115 foot Lucifer Falls is located in Robert Treman State Park in Tompkins County. The Treman family donated the land to New York State in 1920.

Lucifer's Falls Artist Info:

Henry Walton’s (1804-1865) earliest works, ca. 1820, were lithographs and mezzotints of landscapes and town views from the Finger Lakes region of central New York State. By 1842, Walton had moved to Ithaca, where he became an accomplished painter. In addition to his depictions of the Finger Lakes, Walton was a noted portraitist who painted with exacting detail and precision.

On loan from the Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University



John F. Kensett

Oil on Canvas, 1870

Ithaca, located on the southern end of Cayuga Lake became a city in 1888 and is home to both Cornell University and Ithaca College.

Ithaca Artist Info:

John F. Kensett (1816-1872) was an important member of the second generation of Hudson River School painters. After spending time working as an engraver in Albany, Kensett made his first trip to Europe, determined to become a painter. In 1848, Kensett established a studio in New York City where he lived and worked as a successful painter for the rest of his life.

On loan from the History Center in Tompkins County
View of Binghamton from Mount Prospect

View of Binghamton from Mount Prospect

View of Binghamton from Mount Prospect

Edward Beyer

Oil on Canvas, 1852

The City of Binghamton sits at the confluence of the Chenango and Susquehanna Rivers and became a city in 1867.

View of Binghamton from Mount Prospect Artist Info:

Edward Beyer (1820-1865) was born in Germany and traveled to America in the wake of the German Revolution of 1848. Beyer worked in the Northeastern United States, where he became known as an acclaimed painter of large panoramic landscape views. Beyer returned to Germany before the outbreak of the Civil War.

On loan from the Roberson Museum and Science Center